photo meet-ups

Our photo meet ups are for all the shutterbugs + enthusiasts who are aiming to improve their skills while building a supportive tribe. As creatives, the industry can be very competitive. This meet up is to allow us to build a communitywhere we can share stories, talk about the latest gears and exchange tips/tricks on enhancing our photographic skills. The location for each meet up will be at various spaces across the city to get practice, stimulate your artistic juices, and to build your portfolio. Our goal at the end of each session is to help you boost your confidence as a creative and inspire you to push beyond your comfort zone.

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portrait I

the blogger edition 

Occasionally, bloggers would ask about what gear to use, what lighting is best, and sometimes I receive inquiries about composition in order to create the best possible images for their blogs. If you are a blogger, this session will be geared towards you and how to be able to create images that are aesthetically pleasing to your audience but aligns with your brand.

Date: May 12th, 2018
Location: New York City


portrait ii

outdoor lighting: Beginners

When I first started photography, I primarily shot outdoors. Eventually, I've learned to incorporate lighting into my portrait sessions and realized that it improved my work tremendously. You don't need to rent a studio. You can use your environment as a backdrop and create amazing portraits using the harmonizing balance between gear, ambient lighting, and location.

Date: May 19th, 2018
Location: New York City


portrait iii

studio lighting

Just by the mention of studio lighting, many automatically assumes that it is daunting. However, it is quite the opposite. If you understand the basics of lighting, studio work allows you to create & explore techniques and effects that can enhance you understanding of indoor styles. * This workshop may incur a small fee for space, model, + equipment rentals. *

Date: TBA
Location: New York City



shooting in manual

for beginners

When you bought your first camera, I'm sure you were like me. You were playing around with knobs and buttons, not knowing what the heck to do. Well after years of practice, I'll be showing you the fundamentals of shooting with a DSLR and the essentials to creating epic results. 

Date: June 16th, 2018
Location: New York City


styling flatlays

for creatives

Let's be honest, not everyone is great at flat lays. It's like doing brain surgery with products & having no idea where to put what. We will be covering the basics of color schemes, lighting, and organizing your props on backgrounds in order to produce original content specific to your niche.

Date: TBA
Location: New York City


food photography


Do you spend 20 minutes before eating trying to get the right shot only to end up with cold food and mediocre images that aren't even Instagram worthy? Me too! We'll be having a guest expert on food photography show us how to consider all the elements necessary to get that one images.

Date: TBA
Location: New York City



lifestyle i

wedding details

Are you in love with weddings as I am? I have been shooting weddings for 3 years now and I LOVE IT! We'll be doing an informative demonstration of lighting schemes, creative ideas, and the appropriate equipments to use in order to achieve captivating results of wedding details.

Date: TBA
Location: New York City

lifestyle ii

working w/ a model outdoors

Working with a model can be tricky if not experienced enough. You're expected to be a photographer & creative director if not working with a team. We'll be showing you how to find the right models, produce beautiful images that supports your creative vision. Come out and join the fun!

Date: July 14th, 2018
Location: New York City

lifestyle iii

working w/ bloggers

I've been working with bloggers for quite some time, and I believe there's a science in collaborating with another creative that allows both subjects to produce innovative work. Collaborating with someone else not only sharpens your skills, it allows you to tap into the visionary you truly are.

Date: July 21st, 2018
Location: New York City

If you're not in the NYC area and would prefer something you can do at your own pace, check out our Photography 101 course.