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Olay All Day Baby!

There are three reasons I never touched it; it smells like medicine, leaves my skin with white streaks causing me to look like a zombie from The Walking Dead, and it's think like sour cream. No one wants that on their skin. I definitely don't. Then I stumbled on the Olay Complete All-Day Moisturizer SPF 15 and girl, let me tell you!

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Loc'd Up With Smooth'N Shine

BABY!! You can't tell me Smooth 'N Shine didn't clean me up nicely. My hair feels light and free. It smells like what it's supposed to smell like; SHEA BUTTER! Haha! If you live close to a WalMart, Target, Rite-Aid or even a Family Dollar, go get yourself some Smooth 'N Shine. I think this is just another level of self-care if you ask me because my confidence just went up another .5 million notches (insert digital hair flip).

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28 Days with Olay

Let's be honest, and when I say "let's" I really mean I'll be honest. There are days I will have a proper skincare routine and it'll seem like it's working and two months in, I have to change it. I know, how inconvenient. Like how dare you give up on my skin right when I was about to get use this good treatment? I'm not one of those folks who wants to wait until they're 50 years old to get my skin right, so when Olay connected with us, of course I jumped on Team Olay right quick

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Prep for Fall with Apothederm

Recently, I found myself trying and testing products for the Fall. Reason being, Fall is weird for me. My skin isn't too dry but it doesn't get super oily. Yet, my skin acts up longer than usual. I end up with dark spots and circles for weeks on end and I find myself constantly wearing makeup - something I've been trying not to do.

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Post-Yoga With Suave Body Wash

Yoga during the summer is like intentionally laying out in a 100 degree weather on the beach without a towel, sunscreen, and water. I'm really not exaggerating. I before to Bikram Yoga during the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons because I'll walk out into cool air. Although yoga is great for my body, sometimes I'd find my self rubbing dead skin cells off post-workout AND after taking a shower. That's when I discovered Suave Body Wash.

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