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One Word That Boosts My Mood

don't know about you, but I love Summer. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a summer baby (August 17th - Leo in the house!!!), but Summer is that time of year I get to revamp myself all over again and have fun while doing it. I get to play with dresses, crop tops, ripped jeans, booty shorts, and everything else in between. I'm sure you've seen plenty of

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Ne-on Me!

I must admit, I have a problem; I'm a serious "bargainer' aka a cheapie. Yes, I am and I am not afraid to say that I like to keep a few more bucks in my pocket if I need to do so. With that said, I'd like to present my most recent purchase through my cheap ways....

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Let It Snow

Do you find peace in the middle of chaos? I do. I've had moments where I would break down and cave in. Somehow, majority of the time, I'd stand still and feel at peace in the midst of a chaotic environment and/or experience. I would...

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