Gratitude Isn’t Just For The Holidays.

This post is sponsored by Shinola but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

This post is sponsored by Shinola but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Growing up, Valentine’s Day wasn’t a big deal for me. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t a big deal at all until I came to the states. Every year, until I moved out of my parents’ home, my mother made it a point to give me a card and sometimes, that card came with flowers. You see, I thought of Valentine’s Day gifts as just another day to waste money on doing something we should be doing all year round and that is to ensure our loved ones know how much they are appreciated. It’s not until now, in my early 30’s, that I’ve learned to redefine what days like these mean to me.

Since my partner and I are currently long distance, I wanted to give a personalized gift that was not only practical but sentimental. I wanted to give them something that would continuously remind them of my affection and commitment to building, so when presented the opportunity to share my Shinola  Valentine’s Gift, I jumped for joy.

It starts with picking out the right gift and if anyone knows my partner, they are obsessed with being on time. Therefore, it only made sense to get a watch and not just any watch. Pouring passion and artistry into the gifts I present to my partners is very important to me and that’s what made Shinola Valentine’s Day choice for 2019. Their attention to detail and sophisticated approach to their craftsmanship brings you in and when my partner opens their gift, that is something I believe they would appreciate.

After choosing such a beautiful gift, the next step was personalizing it. I wanted something simple, but eloquent. I wanted something that screamed style without being excessively rich. Consequently, I went for the monogramming & engraving. Within a few days of putting in my request, I was able to pop by the local store for a pickup and be on my way. The process from conception to delivery was painless, but the product delivered was everything I wanted.

They say “beautiful things take time” and I must agree. Because not only is this gift a perfect love letter to the most amazing human I’ve come across, it suits their style & personality flawlessly.

PS: I did try it on first before taking a minute to wrap it. I mean! Look at it! Haha

Until then,

Besos Bellas!

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Debbie-Jean Lemonte

Debbie-jean Lemonte is a Jamaican-born New York-based photographer, who specializes in Portraits and Family events such as engagements, weddings, showers and maternity sessions. She stumbled into blogging as another vice by expressing her love for fashion, lifestyle and photography.