What Doesn't Kill You! - How I #MakeItReign

This post is sponsored by USA Network but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

This post is sponsored by USA Network but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

You always here the phrase "what doesn't kill you will make you stronger" and our response are usually "yeah okay, happy go-lucky bee". It's not until we suffer a traumatic loss like death in the family, a heartbreak, or even the downfall of a business we've put sweat into and was able to bounce back from that experience even more motivated and inspired, does it make sense to us. We're ruthless, fearless, and immovable just like Queenpin/Boss Babe Teresa Mendoza from the show Queen of The South on USA Network.

Queen x The Loc'd Bella

Most people find it easy to bounce back after setbacks without hesitation. For me, it takes a while. I believe I go through the process of grief worse than the average human being but going through my process allows me to make it reign in the end. It all starts with the crying and laying in bed for hours/days at a time. Followed by a load of sulking and self-consciousness. I second-guess every decision made through that phase. Getting out of bed becomes a struggle because I question, why should I rather than why don't you.

Phase two is my "let's drink and Netflix" binge and honestly, that's my favorite part. HAHA! I know it sounds so bad, but I promise there's more Netflixing than drinking. I tend to take the time to binge on shows like Queen of the South, that shows an amazing female lead maintaining an impeccable work and life balance while taking over the world and giving no cares about how you feel about her ambitious spirit. Shows like this then motivate me just a tab bit more and before you know it, I'm off doing facials and getting back into the normal grind, slaying my day.

Sometimes we go through hardships, it's inevitable. Sometimes we look at what other people are doing to overcome their hardships and try to emulate that. I'm just here to tell you that it's okay to sulk. It's okay to feel. Just get back on that horse and ride off conquering the world, one blockade at a time. Just like Teresa, you'll find yourself starting over from the bottom and making it to the top of your game as the boss that you are. Watch other boss babes and let them inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals by any and all means necessary - without the physical or emotional harm of animals & humans of course!

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If you'd like to know and understand more about Teresa's journey on Queen of The South, you can tune into USA Network, premiering their new season on Thursday June 21st at 9/8c right before your eyes and every Thursday after that. PS: A little birdie told me that Michel Duval, Remy Ma, and Snow Tha Product are making cameos in this coming season. Can't say I ain't never did anything nice for you. You're welcome! 


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