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This post is sponsored by © Nature’s Recipe, LLC., all opinions are my own.

This post is sponsored by © Nature’s Recipe, LLC., all opinions are my own.

Meet Myers, an affectionate mixed Pitbull that stole my heart less than a year ago. When we first met, I thought, this big ol’ dog is about to eat me alive. Thankfully, over time, we were able to establish a bond that is like no other. He meets me at the door whenever I visit, smothers me with wet kisses in the a.m. even though his ulterior motive is getting me to take him for his morning potty walk. However, my partner and I refer to him as “Pretty Boy” as he’s bougie and his behavior can be relative to that of the light skinned brother with hazel eyes. He’s not picky when it comes to girls, but he’s selective about his food. Therefore, when Nature’s Recipe® popped up on my radar, I convinced my partner to try it. 


We’d just moved to a new city and started him on a new regimen, since they didn’t have our usual food. Of course, Myers wasn’t too keen on the switch, but he adjusted. With trying Nature’s Recipe Grain Free Salmon dog food, we realized we had to ween him off easily, since he’s this bougie. With our other dog foods, we struggled at first to keep him on the routine without mixing it with eggs and sometimes, coconut oil. You may ask, what made us consider Nature’s Recipe other than the fact that it’s premium dog food? For three reasons:

1.     Made with real lamb, chicken, or salmon as the #1 ingredient

2.     Provides the nutrition needed to fuel your dog’s big life

3.     No corn, wheat, soy, poultry by-product meal or artificial flavors and preservatives

I know I said Myers was picky, but truth be told, Shevy & I are both EXTREMELY picky about what he eats too. When buying his dog food, we think about his diet, how the food will affect his fur, and if he’ll get all the nutrients he needs to run around in the park or on picnic days. He also has a habit of throwing up occasionally when he eats too quickly. With Nature’s Recipe, not only is it grain free, it’s easy to digest and he gets to enjoy natural dog food with added vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.

What’s our view on Nature’s Recipe? We’re both in love with the smell. It’s not stale or chalky. It’s fresh and smells like REAL FOOD. No wonder Myers gobbles it up so fast. We like that the packaging is simple and not over-explanatory. The ingredients are easy to read and it comes in different sizes. We appreciated the fact that it was easy on the pockets and available at our local Walmart for a quick purchase. As mentioned earlier, how his food affects his diet and coat means a lot to us. His coat has gotten softer since. So what was Myers’ opinion of his salmon meal? You be the judge! He gobbled it up like it was his last meal.  


Head over to your Walmart and see what options Nature’s Recipe has for your little one. With 35 years in the business, Nature’s Recipe has been crafting tasty, natural pet food with added vitamins, minerals & nutrients and making sure your four-legged family members eat just as good as you do. 


Debbie-Jean Lemonte

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