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I was compensated by AT&T for this post. However, all thoughts/opinions are my own.

I was compensated by AT&T for this post. However, all thoughts/opinions are my own.

Think what you want, but being able to have your history told by those who look and sound like you is an empowering feeling. From a young age, as young as elementary, I can remember being taught history by those who were only privileged to the information created and shared by the "winners". It's not until I was in undergrad going through my first sociology course, studying race & class relations, that's when I realized that a majority of what I've learned up to the age of 18 was a subjective history written by regular folks. Thanks to AT&T 28 Days Black History Month campaign "History By Us - Black History Told By Those Making It", they've opened a door of learning about black history by those who are influencers within our own communities.

How does this work? Every day for 28 days, they're releasing short videos of influencers telling stories of our inspiring past. I know! Awesome isn't it? I'm even more excited they used one of my favorite Youtube stars, Khadi Don, for one of their short series. Not only is she funny and charismatic, she's known for always being different in the content she creates. In my opinion, this is the best part of their series. Connecting with dynamic individuals who live and breathe authenticity who are unashamed of telling our truth and already uses their platform to do so is perfect. I can't wait to see how this series end. Take a glimmer down below!

What do you think about the series? I'd love to hear your thoughts below!


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