Self-Care with SheaMoisture: Skin Chronicles

Thank you to Shea Moisture for collaborating with me on this post. However, all thoughts and texts are solely my own.

Thank you to Shea Moisture for collaborating with me on this post. However, all thoughts and texts are solely my own.

As many of you know, I've been on the road with A Dapper Chick doing the 52-Weeks Across America project. There are some trips where we'll be on the road for weeks at a time, forgetting what our own beds look like and when we finally get back home to recalibrate, there isn't much time for a proper self-care day. Normally, I'd flop myself down on my bed, make love to my pillows, and in a day, we're off again. That's when we decided to take a few weeks off for ourselves and recharge for the upcoming trips and immediately, I treated myself to a day with SheaMoisture.

My skin is very important to me and being on the road for so long and often, I felt like I've neglected it in so many ways. So what did I do? I blocked off a full 24-hours just for me and my skincare date and made it a point to include SheaMoisture set of African Black Soap Bath & Body and Skincare Collection. I'm sure you thought it was just my face, but your entire body needs some loving too.

After well needed bath with my African Black Soap Soothing Body Wash, I took a moment to rinse my face of all the muck from traveling with the Problem Skin Face Wash & Scrub. Not only did my skin feel light afterwards, it was just as smooth as a baby's bottom. While preparing to style my hair, I had an idea. Why not give yourself a facial? You definitely deserve this! So I did exactly that. With the Clarifying Mud Mask, I could feel the oils & vitamins seeping into my pores, giving it all the life it deserves after traveling between the heat of California to the cold air of the Montana Mountains. My skin deserved every bit of this. Although I was hoping for the "mud" effect, the lightness of the mask itself allowed to walk around without getting it on any on items.

After such a luxurious bath, there's no way I was going to walk around my empty apartment looking like I've trekked a mile through a sand storm. The Soothing Body Lotion came in so handy and brought some sass back to my skin. Did I mention that my ash disappeared like Casper, the friendly ghost? It remained moisturized throughout the entire day without a second of dry skin. I'm sure you've used lotions before and eventually, have to re-apply 4-6 hours later. Here, I didn't have to. The mixture of Cocoa, Aloe juice, and Jojoba oil kept my skin from from feeling like saw dust and for that, my gratitude is on 100. For real! As my grandma would say, "for once you look like someone's child". To make sure that you all are well-informed of my experience, below, you'll find a before and after image (literally 1 hour apart) of how my skin improved. 

To be honest, I saw all the rave about SheaMoisture and thought, "is it really that serious?" and fellas and fellas, yes it is that serious. Do yourself a favor and invest in products that do your body good. This entire Shea Moisture African Black Soap Bath & Body and Skincare Collection did just that! 

VERDICT: Run to the nearest Target/Walmart or if you shop online, check out SheaMoisture's website of all their goodies. You need to get your skin snatched like yesterday with this set.

Have you ever used SheaMoistures products before? If so, what was your experience?
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