3 Things Creatives Should Invest In

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As entrepreneurs, we are constantly trying to figure out ways to improve our businesses. If we're not looking for new equipment, we're trying new apps or heading off to conferences. However, the simplest and most important things to invest in are closer to you than you think. Here are the top three things you should expend your energy, time, and money in:

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Yes, I know you have a business to run and have to make time to find ways to create a steady income from new and returning clients. Nonetheless, when you take the time to work on your craft, whether that's daily/weekly/monthly, you'll notice a change. You may observe a polarity in how you manage your clients and your overall customer service pre and post investing in your expertise. You'll begin to shift your awareness to the improvement of your work. With better work comes better clients. Keep in mind, no one has ever truly arrived. Nevertheless, invest in your education concerning your craft, whether that's through ebooks, workshops, courses, conferences or other resources you find helpful.

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This is one is like "the pot calling the kettle black" or "preaching to the choir" depending on where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. I must admit, I am not the most social person in a room. I dread small talks and they suck the life out of my body by the second. I like the "there's global warming, how do we fix this" kind of conversations. Not necessarily the "oh so what do you do?" convos because I am beyond exhausted of saying the same thing 100 times at one event. It's quite redundant if you ask me. When I attend events, talking to everyone shouldn't be your goal. Having meaningful and authentic connections with a handful of amazing individuals can lead to even more opportunities that will bring your business to its full potential. 90% of the time I end up with a new friend or client who brings me more clients. They don't lie when they say your "network is your net worth". Now tap into it!

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Yes, yes, you've heard it from me enough times to know that self-care matters. Whether it's a mental health break, getting your hair done or giving yourself a facial, you can't be of service to anyone if you're dead. I'm sorry to be this dramatic, but giving anything at less than 100% as a creative is unacceptable. So rejuvenate and take care of your mind, body, and soul then go out and give your best to your clients.

PS: Sometimes saying "NO" to that gig may be the difference between giving 100% and 0%. Here's a subtle way to decline work to get your self-care on:

My instincts are telling me that I am not best equipped for this particular project. However, I’d love to send a few recommendations your way that I believe is capable of providing you with the service you need.

How do you invest in yourself, your business, or your network?

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