Long Hair, Don't Care

You're probably looking at the image below like "whoa". Me too! If anyone knows me well, I don't use any over-the-counter products in my locs anymore. The first two years of my locking process, I used waxed and everything that was popular at the moment. I started to lose hair around my edges, my ends were breaking, my hair was always drying and never really growing. That's when I decided to stick with natural oils such as Argan and Coconut. Recently, I've been exploring new options and I have found something that worked just for me.

Hair of Nature is ALL NATURAL and I am happy I found it. I was able to connect with the owner, Danyelle, and she assured me that Hair of Nature "is a hair care line for natural and relaxed hair to limit hair damage for styling and daily activity while promoting healthy hair growth and health with no harsh chemicals". That's all I needed to hear to try her products for 7 days.

Hair of Nature is ALL NATURAL and I am happy I found it.

First, I did my usual wash with Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castille Soap (I love this!!!) and followed with the Hydrating Leave-in Conditioner. I don't necessarily like to leave conditioners in (in the case of build up), so I rinsed after about 20 mins of sitting under the dryer. After which, I spent the next 5 days using the Healthy Hair Oil for moisturizing my scalp and BABY! It works magic. My hair was glowing for days. Did I mention it smelled like rosemary and coconut and I love me some coconut. Another alternative to the Healthy Hair Oil is the Sheamango Scalp Conditioner. I used the conditioner on my scalp twice a week before bed to treat my scalp to a little loving while snoozing.

I loved the products so much that I ended up using it for 14 days. Yes girl! It's that good. Would I recommend this to all my naturalistas out there? Hell yes! If there's a natural hair product I'll stand by it's definitely Hair of Nature. You can get yours too at www.HairOfNature.Org. (PS: You get 10% off your first purchase if you use code: BELLA10. You didn't hear it from me)

What's your favorite natural hair product to use?  Drop a line below and let me know!


Debbie-Jean Lemonte

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