The Power of Broke

Debbie-jean Lemonte - Lifestyle Blogger & Photographer - Power of Broke - Daymond John - Book Review

The Power of Broke is a definite read. It had basic concepts anyone can understand and apply. However, the overall theme of the book is: "Work hard and it will pay off". There is no easy route to success and Daymond explains this through his personal story with Fubu.

Here are some concepts to remember when you read this book:
1. Knowledge of business is important regardless of how basic it is. Continue to be open to try new things and strategies to bring in sales and improve your brand.
2. Remain passionate about your brand. Once you lose that hunger/passion, you'll start to lose momentum which will affect your business
3. Stay creative and authentic in your brand. Don't sell yourself short.

So if you're looking for a reasonable read, with basic concepts to follow, and a little inspiration to push you, this is worth the read!

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Debbie-Jean Lemonte

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