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Hennessy with GQ + F.E. Castleberry

 Photography by Yours Truly ( DAG IMAGES )

Photography by Yours Truly (DAG IMAGES)

Since the beginning of the year, I've been asked to cover GQ events. Most recently, I had the pleasure of working with GQ, F.E. Castleberry & Hennessy and it was so much fun. While capturing moments, I was able to try the complimentary cocktail of the night which was the Hennessy Privilege Tamarindo. If you know me, I'm more of a Riesling kind of Gal. However, that cocktail was smooth, refreshing and just perfect. In addition to amazing cocktails and vibes, I was able to view Castleberry's latest venture and they were absolutely stunning. 

If you'd like to see more images of all the fun that we had, head over to DAG iMages

Since I've just confessed to not being a big Hennessy drinker, what's your Hennessy cocktail of choice? 
Drop it in the comments below!


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