3 Reasons Why I Love JustFab


Around 2012, my BFF got me a few pairs of shoes from this company. At first, I was a little skeptical. I have to admit, I wasn't a big fan of subscription services. They tend to just take money out of your account when you least expect and then you have to deal with unpleasant customer service to get your money back. That's not the case with JustFab. I went from a customer to brand ambassador in my 4th year. Here are the 3 reasons I love JustFab and I've remained a loyal customer since my first pair:

1. Comfort

If you've read my posts before, my theme for every outfit or shoe I wear is COMFORT. If I am not comfortable, I will not wear it outside. Over the last 4 years of purchasing items, I've never had a moment where I was displeased with a pair. I've worn boots for an entire day without complaining. I've worn heels for a night out with the girls without taking my shoes off. That's such a win. My girls would know! (See how I styled these babies here.)

2. Membership

As a member of their VIP program, you get first dibs on unique styles coming out every month. Not to mention, a stylist that curates items based on your own personal style. Since it's a monthly subscription, if you don't see something you like, you can skip that month. I know! If you don't want something for the month of December, you just log in, click "skip this month" and return in January to see more styles. Most subscription services don't allow you to skip, rather you pay or cancel and then pay a canceling fee. Let's say you forgot to skip for the month and you get charged, the credit is in your account until you're ready to purchase. They are very transparent about their VIP membership and I love that!

3. Unique Styles

Every pair I've ever bought turn heads when I walk into a room. I've lost count at the amount of compliments I've received whenever I wear a pair. You don't see these styles in your typical department stores. They have styles for parties, business meetings, a day at the park, beach, every occasion you can think of. Now who doesn't love that? I styled these lovely babes and I was in love with the outfit (here).

Altogether, I love JustFab and with my addiction to shoes, I don't think I'll ever give this up.


What's your monthly subscription of choice? I'd love to hear your thoughts below!


Debbie-Jean Lemonte

Debbie-jean Lemonte is a Jamaican-born New York-based photographer, who specializes in Portraits and Family events such as engagements, weddings, showers and maternity sessions. She stumbled into blogging as another vice by expressing her love for fashion, lifestyle and photography.