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Poised. Sexy. Cool.

Have you ever walked into a store with an idea of what you're going to buy and mid-strut into the establishment, your plans change because you saw something else? That's me!

I remember walking into H&M hoping to find a LBD (little black dress) for my upcoming birthday and immediately being captivated by this beautiful skirt. I'll never forget it. Here I was, torn between a dress and a skirt, and guess who won?

Twenty minutes later, I'm walking out with the skirt in hand and an excitement beyond anything I can explain. 


I kept my look poised, sexy, and cool. L.A. was pretty humid when I landed and I needed to make sure my efforts in trying to look gorgeous aren't ruined by crazy temperatures.

In order to stay cool, I paired the skirt with a light polyester top, adding an extravagant necklace to distract from the collar. The earrings and the glasses give it a subtle pop of chic while maintaining the simple + classy look of my up-do.

If you know me well enough by now, my outfits aren't complete without a sassy pair of heels to match. So I threw on my Noemia heels that I got JustFab (yes, my heels have names), strutted out to dinner with my #1 fan aka the BFF. 

I couldn't ask for a better night out in town in this ensemble. I was comfortable and felt sexy the entire time. If it's something I've learned while getting older is, you don't have to show the ta-tas to be sexy. It's the confidence you wear with your outfit that speaks volumes.

So let your confidence scream out loud!


Shoes: JustFab | Skirt + Top: H&M | Necklace + Shades: Gifted | Earrings: Stole From My Mother (no shame)

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What outfit brings out the sexy in you? When do you feel the most confident?
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