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My Influenster box came this month and I couldn't have been happier. I was given the chance to enjoy these amazing products, some of which are already favorites. 

1. Soapbox Shampoo & Conditioner
Well, if you know me and my hair routine, I am pretty loyal to the products I use. However, when I first received this product and read the ingredients, I was pleased to find out that this had no sulfates, parabens, EDTA and artificial colorants. That's when I knew I hit the jackpot. Not only did it leave my hair smooth and soft, with every purchase, they provide a bar of soap or a month of clean water to a person in need. So while staying clean, you're helping someone else develop a proper hygiene routine. That's win-win to me. #SoapEqualsHope

2. Good Health Veggie Straws
Did I mention they sent me my favorite bag of chips? I was elated when I received this one gift. Guess who stayed up all night doing work and snacking on her healthy bag of snacks? ME! Not only did it tastes good, it made me feel good as if I'm the healthiest person on this planet. I kid you not. #EnjoyBeingGood

3. Botanics Organic Hydrating Day Cream
I'm on the fence with this day cream. It didn't work well with my skin and it was shiny all day as if I took a bath in castor oil. However, I did resort to using it as a makeup remover. Even though it didn't work out as a day cream, it worked great with removing my makeup and keeping my skin smooth. #BotanicsOrganic

4. Foot Petals
To be honest, I used this one time to fit into my rain boots before heading off to work and baby, did it work. I was able to keep my rain boots on all day without that weird, heavy and crampy feeling you'd get from wearing boots all day. If you get my drift. I definitely suggest owning a pair of these babies. Worth it! #ThePerfectFit

5. Yogi Tea
When I saw the Yogi Tea, I was sure I received a box from someone who knew my heart. I LOVE TEA. It's safe to say I am addicted to tea and they sent me my favorite tea. It's like feeding a chocolate addict chocolate. I didn't waste time. I instantly boiled some water, curled up with a book and sipped on this beautiful cup of heaven. It was no short of fantastic. #YogiTea

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