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SK-II: Facial Treatment Essence Review

Ever went to an event and got a goodie bag filled with things you never use? Well, I was lucky to get this honey basket of sunshine in my goodie bag and I am happy I did. At first, I was a little skeptical. If you have read any other post about beauty products, I'm pretty closed off to over the shelf products. I have sensitive, oily skin that breaks out at the slightest change in my routine. However, I ignored my fearful thoughts and took the plunge.

I've been using it for over a week now and I've already seen improvement in my skin. Let's talk about the benefits of using SK-II Facial Treatment:

  1. My oily skin wasn't so oily anymore.
  2. My skin tones started evening out.
  3. My skin felt soft after every use.
  4. My skin glowed! Ever had a natural glow in the a.m.? THAT GLOW!

So my conclusion:
I'm not saying that you should just take everything and put on your face that you get from a goodie bag, BUT, you should get SK-II. It's worth it if you didn't get in a goodie bag =).

What's your facial treatment? Any trusted brands we should know about? 
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