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Don't Kill My Vibe

Have you ever been the midst of one person who just sucks all the good energy out of a meeting, a room or even your life? Like b*tch! Don't kill my vibe. That's exactly how I feel when trying to figure out what to wear to date night. I was able to find a simple solution: one outfit, two shoes.

Seriously! I was able to transition from work to a night out with babe by simply switching one simple accessory; my shoes. JustFab keeps my feel smiling and Uniqlo keeps me warm with their new and unique selections. Not only was the transition smooth, it was simple, sexy and casual.

So ladies, it's okay to take the simple road sometimes. Don't overthink. Just go with the flow.



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Coat & Shoes: ASOS | Sweatshirt, Button-up Shirt & Jeans: UNIQLO | Heels: JustFab | Watch: Benson Watch | Glasses: Coastal | Lipstick: Ruby Woo + Stunner

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