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Creme de La Mer Review

I'm going to be honest right now: I bought this set on a whim. My mother gave me a gift card to Bloomingdales and it wasn't enough to get what I really wanted, so I decided to buy random things and experiment. What can I say? I was bored, but I was pretty proud of the stash I bought.

Among my stash bought during my bored phase, I snagged a Creme De La Mer skincare set and I am excited I did. I've used this product until it was practically finished. It was just that good. The set reminded me of the Pro-Active skincare products that flooded the market a few years ago. However, based on my experience with the two, Creme De La Mer worked better on my skin. Right before I went off to Vegas for my birthday, I started the process of #ExperimentDeLaMer .

First, I had to start with the facial cleanser. Unlike most over the counter that feels like a patch of glue on your face, the cleanser is really like. It comes out as a foam. Afterward, I used a toner that left my skin feeling super fresh! To end it all, we finish the entire experiment with the moisturizer. 

Now, I love my skin. It's glowing. It's soft to touch. Oh and oh it helped with the dry weather in Vegas. I must say, even though this was a random purchase, it was definitely something I needed in my arsenal.

What's in your skincare arsenal? Are your steps overwhelming?
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