It's Not What It's *Post* To Be

Let's be real for a second. Being a freelancer isn't as golden as we all see on Instagram regardless of how many "overnight life/business" coaches you see popping up making a "supposed" 7-figures after a month. It's not always free flights in first class, and overnights in the top suite of the most luxurious hotels.

Self-Care with Shea Moisture: Long Hair, Must Shea!

My hair is a big part of my personality as well as my life. I started this natural process right after a terrible break-up and trying to find hope in a dark place in my life, so it's only fair to give my hair the affection it deserves. I decided to try my hair self-care with Shea Moisture.

Watcha Matcha!

After struggling the first 14 days, I've finally created and maintained a routine that stuck. Every morning, I'd say my affirmations, hop in the shower, and immediately sit on my mat with my journal, Love Louder by Preston Smile (it's SO GOOD), and a glass of smoothie or cup of tea. My BFF has been pestering me about this Matcha business, so instead of my routine tea/smoothie, I've replaced it with Organic Matcha DNA

Inspiration from An Unknown Source

As a photographer, normally, I'd focus on other photographers and learn from them. I'd learn their techniques, understand the mistakes they've made in hopes of not repeating it, as well as taking their techniques and improving it. 

With Portrait Revolution, it's from the perspective of ...

3 Things To Never Feel Sorry For

Lately, I've been taking the necessary time needed to reflect on life, my life to be exact. I started reading this book "Love Louder" by Preston Smiles and it was exactly what I needed. See, I was in limbo for the last 90-120 days, unsure of a lot of things and after much self-reflection, doubt and fear lurked...

Democracy in Black

I'd like to thank Eddie Glaude for taking the time to write a piece that not only speaks to the truths of being a Black person in America but also reminding us that we need to do what's necessary for change. Receiving this book at the time I did I would say correlates with the term "serendipity". I'm finally accepting that I am a Black, Queer woman and immigrant in a country ...

Reasons to Visit Wilmington

To be honest, when I found Wilmington on the map I was pretty curious. The first thing I said to my bestie was, "tiny towns scare me". Have you ever watched those cute little towns in a horror movie and you thought to yourself, "well, I'd never". Well, I did and I absolutely loved every minute of my time there. 

Your Black Is Magnificent

We are royalty. We are descendants of the greatest Kings and Queens that ever graced this earth. If we don’t tell them about their history and their magnificence in all of their melanin-embodied glory, who will?

3 Ways I Use Black Castor Oil

When it comes to my skincare and hair routines, I'm pretty loyal. I try to stay away from anything that's too harsh for my skin/scalp and stick to what I like + know; natural oil and products. Since the beginning of my loc journey, I've been using Mango & Lime....

52 Weeks Across America

We will be "traveling to discover and explore LGBTQI-friendly places that will be then be disclosed to the community as a resource of fun, unique, and welcoming places to visit in a post-...

My Fabletics

Have you ever spent hours looking for some stylish items for your workouts? Me too! I remember going into H&M occasionally and picking up their "sports bras" and "tights" for a bargain to use as my workout attire. Yet 30 mins into my workout, I'd...

Sh*t Bloggers Say (To Photographers)

Let's be clear, I'm not here to throw shade. I am not a tall ass Palm Tree. However, I like to cast light when necessary. There are times when pro-bono work is no longer in the cards, and a blogger reaches out. Here are the top responses that usually causes my skin to...