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The Best For My Kid

Meet Myers, an affectionate mixed Pitbull that stole my heart less than a year ago. When we first met, I thought, this big ol’ dog is about to eat me alive. Thankfully, over time, we were able to establish a bond that is like no other. He meets me at the door whenever I visit, smothers me with wet kisses in the a.m. even though his ulterior motive…

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Envy Me Baby!

HP has been around for quite some time. I remember my first laptop (entering into my freshman year of college) was a HP laptop my mom had scrambled cash together to buy me as a graduation gift. The excitement I felt then is the same excitement I feel now being introduced to the new HP Envy x360 laptops that are currently out now. You're probably thinking…

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One Word That Boosts My Mood

don't know about you, but I love Summer. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a summer baby (August 17th - Leo in the house!!!), but Summer is that time of year I get to revamp myself all over again and have fun while doing it. I get to play with dresses, crop tops, ripped jeans, booty shorts, and everything else in between. I'm sure you've seen plenty of

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Olay All Day Baby!

There are three reasons I never touched it; it smells like medicine, leaves my skin with white streaks causing me to look like a zombie from The Walking Dead, and it's think like sour cream. No one wants that on their skin. I definitely don't. Then I stumbled on the Olay Complete All-Day Moisturizer SPF 15 and girl, let me tell you!

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Sponsored: [Finally, History Told By Us]

Think what you want, but being able to have your history told by those who look and sound like you is an empowering feeling. From a young age, as young as elementary, I can remember being taught history by those who were only privileged to the information created and shared by the "winners". It's not until I was in undergrad going through my first sociology course, studying race & class relations, that's when I realized that a majority of what I've learned up to the age of 18 was a subjective history written by regular folks.

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You're Missing Out on the LG Twin Wash System!

Have you ever tried doing laundry while your To-Do List is the length of the US Constitution, only to realize not everything fits and you're on a strict timeline? Or when you need fresh/clean clothes because in less than 5 hours you need to be at a networking event, but don't want to do a huge load? I know! Me too! I don't know why but I always end up in a dilemma of having too little or too much laundry.

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