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The Loc'd Bella is a life + style blog written by Debbie-jean Lemonte. It is a fashion + lifestyle haven, that features fashion for everyday women, notes trends and inspirational stories to keep you going throughout the day.


About debbie

Debbie-jean Lemonte is a Lifestyle Photographer, Digital Content Creator, and Writer, who advocates for People of Color + the LGBTQI community through her art and through public speaking opportunities. After graduating with a degree in Dance and Psychology, she focused her passion for both studies and infused it with her art, using it as a therapy for individuals who’ve suffered emotional/mental trauma. Her photography has been featured in Vanity Fair, NBCNews,GQ Report, Timberland, Huffington Post, DapperQ, Go Magazine, Refinery29, BuzzFeed, Mic, to name a few. Her photography series, We Are Queens, has been recently featured on renown site, ForHarriet, receiving various praises for its inspiration to women of color. Debbie’s enthusiasm for inciting ingenuity is a combination of fashion, media, art, and travel.


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